Undergraduate Advising

The following information is for HASS Majors, HASS Minors, or if you are planning to join us in HASS by switching your major or declaring a dual. If you are looking for support with the HASS Core (such as Inquiry courses and Pathways), please visit our HASS Core page


Hello HASS students! 

We are part of the Academic Advising team that is here to support you with all things Academic, such as curriculum planning and academic coaching. As a student, it is your responsibility to know your graduation requirements. Your HASS Hub Advisor will be your guide. 

In partnership with a Faculty Advisor, your Hub Advisor is here to support you from your very first registration until graduation (and beyond if you stay for an advanced degree). Your Hub Advisor will be assigned the moment you select a HASS major. How does it work?

  • In your first year, you will be assigned a primary Faculty Advisor and a Hub Advisor. Your Faculty Advisor will introduce you to the exciting elements of your major and the department!
  • In your second year, you will be assigned a new Faculty Advisor aligned with your professional interests and/or your selected concentration/focus areas. Your Hub Advisor will remain the same.
  • If you switch to HASS or add a HASS dual, you will be assigned a Faculty Advisor based on your interests, and a Hub Advisor based on your new major.


To make sure you are on track with your courses, be sure that you download and update a Blank Plan of Study. This semester-by-semester plan will help you track your remaining requirements, and allow you to plan for duals, internships, and/or study abroad opportunities. Get started by reviewing your requirements in the Catalog (select your year), and by meeting with your Academic Advising team.


Undergraduate Services in the Hub:

Undergraduate Advising Model: Undergraduate HASS majors receive 2 advisors - a Hub Staff Advisor and a Faculty Advisor who teaches within the student’s chosen major. This allows for each student in a HASS major to receive total support in all areas of their major of study.
Grad advisors Kate Mertus and Kayleigh Aston


Connect with your Hub Advisor

Appointments: Weekdays (9 to 2 pm) 

  • 20-minute meetings (in-person or remote options)
  • Meet one-on-one with your Hub Advisor
  • Perfect for Plan of Study questions, curriculum, and academic goals
  • Interested in a HASS Dual? We encourage you to book with us.
  • Book now!


Drop-In Hours: Weekdays (2 to 4 pm)
Drop-Ins outside of these hours are accommodated when possible, but not guaranteed.

  • 5-to-10-minute questions
  • Perfect for quick conversations, updates, support with forms, etc. 
  • Sign-up Sheet (will be reviewed between 2 and 4 pm weekdays)


We look forward to seeing you soon!


Looking for student support outside of Academics? Take full advantage of your Student Success Team and your Class Dean. You can find your Class Dean's name and contact on DegreeWorks. 


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