HASS Majors & Dual Majors

Interested in adding a HASS program to your major?   

Great! We are excited to work with you!    
But first...    

Before you begin with the HASS Hub, meet with your current Academic/Major Advisor to ensure that your major allows you to add a dual. Not all RPI degrees can conveniently merge with another program without extending your graduation date beyond the typical 4-year degree. Make sure you know what is possible before you begin!  

Additionally, some HASS Programs (Music, DSIS, GSAS) have an application that requires the submission of a portfolio. This portfolio will be reviewed by faculty from the department. You can find the requirements for the individual program Portfolio Submissions here. Email the HASS Hub with questions, or to initiate the application process.    


Ready for the next steps? 

How to declare a HASS Dual (or switch to a HASS Major):

The following instructions apply to incoming and current students.  

  1. Explore all available HASS Majors to find the best fit based on your interests and professional goals. Check out our Departments and their programs
  2. Use the Academic Catalog to review the academic requirements.   
    1. Ensure you review your cohort’s requirements! Use the drop-down menu (top right) to select the year that you began at RPI (For example, Rensselaer Catalog 2023-2024). Using the wrong Catalog could result in a delayed graduation date.
    2. Click ‘Programs’ from the left-hand menu.
    3. Find the Baccalaureate Degree you are most interested in pursuing and review the academic requirements and included notes.
    4. If the curriculum lines up with your goals...
  3. Connect with the HASS Hub!  
    • Duals: In collaboration with your current Advisor, we will help you develop your new Plan of Study to incorporate the requirements of both degrees.
    • If you are ready to declare, you will need to fill out the Change of Major/Status form. Submit the filled-out form in-person to a HASS Hub Advisor, or email it to HASSInfo@rpi.edu





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