HASS Topics Courses

Topics Courses are the opportunity to take a brand-new course with one of RPI’s esteemed faculty. This course is in the early stages of joining the requirements of one of our HASS Programs, or it could be a professor sharing their expertise and research areas. These courses could even be designed based on student requests and interests.


Objectives and Outcomes: 

They are a great way to diversify your Rensselaer education, develop your interests, gain new perspectives, and explore a topic area that others have not, or will not have the chance to explore.  


Guidelines and Policies: 

  • Topics Courses are found through their course number (-196x, -296x, -496x, -696x)  
  • Topics Course Numbers are likely to change from semester to semester. For example, the full course number might be -2960 in the Fall, then -2963 in the Spring.  
  • These courses may be applied to Major-Specific, Pathway, and/or Minor curriculum requirements with appropriate approval.  
  •  Topics Courses may be Communication Intensive.  


Use the semester buttons below to learn more about the upcoming Topics Courses offered by the School of HASS (Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences).  Find Detailed Course Information, including: 

  • Instructor 
  • Course Descriptions 
  • Prerequisites 
  • Course Type 
  • Credits (1 to 4 Credits) 
  • Restrictions (Cohort or Majors) 
  • CRN # 
  • Where the Course can be Applied (Majors, Pathway, Minors) 


HASS Topics Courses and Descriptions  

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The School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
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