Transfer Evaluations for HASS Courses

All transfer courses must be evaluated BEFORE you take them, regardless of their status in the Transfer Course Guide. There is no guarantee that a course will transfer as the direct equivalent to the RPI course in name or number of credits.


Please note: most colleges offer 3 credits for their courses. RPI courses are 4 credits. Before taking a 3-credit course at another college, meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss how you intend to use your transfer course to fulfill graduation requirements. A 3-credit transfer course will likely be 1 credit short of graduation requirements. 


Transfer Course Evaluation Steps for Current Students

Review the guidelines in place by the Registrar's Office.

Note: If the course is less than 4 weeks, you will need to provide the course syllabus that states the number of contact hours (see Page 2 of the Evaluation Form).  

Download and fill out all required information on the Transfer Credit Evaluation Form.
Courses will not be evaluated without a completed form. 

Important notes: 

  • Dates: review the 'Contact Hour' requirements outline on Page 2 of the Evaluation form. 
  • Credits: courses will earn no more than the number of credits stated by the other college.
  • Approval/Signatures: Academic Advisors should approve after the course is evaluated to confirm how it can be applied to requirements/the Plan of Study, as the equivalent course may differ from expectations.



  • HASS Courses: no more than 8 transfer credits can be applied to the HASS Core. 
  • Math/Science Courses: no more than 8 transfer credits can be applied to the Math/Science Core.


Begin with the Transfer Course Guide.

  1. Search by the College where you wish to take a course. 
  2. If your course/college is listed, you may not need to include a course description or syllabus. 

Please see the important notes below for additional guidance. *


If the course you wish to take is not included in the Transfer Course Guide, please collect course descriptions/syllabi from the other college. How?

  • Screenshots from other College Catalog, with a link to where the Screenshot was taken. 
  • Request a syllabus from their Instructor or Registrar's Office.
  • You will submit this documentation along with the Form from Step 2.




* Important notes/screenshots on the Transfer Course Guide:

  • If you see a course with 'Begin' and 'End' dates, the course has already been evaluated for transfer. In this case, you may not need to provide a course description or syllabus.
     Screenshot of the Transfer Course Guide, showing the checkmark indicating a note about the course, and begin/end dates indicating that timeframe in which the course is approved for transfer.
  • The Checkmark indicates that there is a note regarding critical information regarding the course (such as credit amounts). The screenshot below shows an example of what you will see when you click the "Note" checkmark.
    Screenshot of the Transfer Course Guide, showing the notes section of the resource.


HASS Courses:    
Math or Science Courses:
Engineering Courses:
Management Courses:

Unsure what School should review your course? View the 'Subject Code' resource on the Catalog.

Additional Course Evaluation Options

Please work with the Office of International Programs through their process. They will provide you with the Study Abroad Evaluation form and additional guidance on taking courses in another country. 

  • Submit no more than 6 to 8 courses during the pre-approval process. 
  • If you take different courses than initially evaluated, those courses must also be evaluated for transfer.  
  • For the evaluation process, please follow the relevant steps outlined above. 

For the evaluation process, please follow the relevant steps outlined above with the addition of completing the "Dual Enrollment Credit: High School Certification" form. This form must be signed by a representative from your High School, such as the Principal or Guidance Counselor.




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