HASS Curriculum Templates

What happens if you add a dual or a minor?   
Is there time to Study Abroad or do an internship?   
How does the Arch look for my major?   
Where would co-term or another advance degree fit into my plan?   
When is my expected graduation date?   
Are there graduation requirements beyond my courses?    

Having a developed Plan of Study can answer all these questions, and more! In the HASS Hub, we will support you in your first year as you begin to plan your academic career at RPI. Through each semester, you can adjust your Plan based on new goals or unexpected opportunities.    

As you near your graduation semester, you will again meet with the HASS Hub to double check that you are on track for your intended graduation date. If you are diligent about your plan, and review it with your Advisor’s support every semester, you should have nothing to worry about.    

Develop your Plan of Study using the templates below!

  1. "Save as" and download a copy of your Department’s Excel template below.  
    • You can delete all majors outside of your own by right clicking the tab.
  2. Use the College Catalog to review and plan based on prerequisites and what semester a course is offered (fall, spring, summer).  
  3. Once you have developed a draft, meet with your Hub Advisor!   
    • Move courses to the semester you either took the course or planned to take them.
    • Write down any questions and/or goals (study abroad, etc.) 

Need a crash course on how to use Microsoft Excel? Check this out!  

Class of 2027 (AY 2023-2024)   
ARTS (Music | Electronic Arts)   
COGS (Cognitive Science | Philosophy | Psychological Science)   
COMM (Communication, Media, and Design)    
ECON (Economics | Biotechnology and Health Economics)   
GSAS (Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences)   
STS (Design, Innovation, and Society | Science, Technology, and Society | Sustainability Studies)   

For all other cohorts, please email the HASS Hub for support in developing your Plan of Study! 

Blank Plan of Study


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