Support from the HASS Hub for all RPI Students! 

Click the following links for more information; such as policies, guidelines, objectives, and where to find courses that fulfill these requirements.


The HASS Core 

As part of their B.S. degree program, all Rensselaer undergraduates take a selection of HASS courses referred to as the HASS Core.  


Objectives of the HASS Core:

  • Provide “big picture” as well as community-scale perspective, advancing students’ understanding of how the contemporary, globalized world works, and of the positioning and perspectives of different social groups.
  • Provide both a historical perspective and a sense of how change has been and can be brought about.
  • Introduce, expose, and cultivate diverse communication skills and critical perspectives on communication, encouraging students to continually evaluate rhetorical forms and styles of argument, supporting data, and media representations.
  • Develop a critical perspective and awareness.


HASS Core Requirements: 

Click the links below for more information on each specific requirement. 


Select your school below for your major’s specific requirements:

Each school at RPI has varying requirements to complete the HASS Core. For this reason, we encourage you to first review the following school-specific information and to meet with your assigned Academic Advisor before connecting with the HASS Hub.


School of Science | 24 Credits 

School of Engineering | 20 Credits 

School of Architecture | 20 Credits 

School of HASS | 24 Credits 


Below is a general HASS Core worksheet that will allow you to map out your HASS Requirements for any RPI major. Be sure that you are following the guidelines specific to your school/major (linked above). Some schools may have provided their own worksheet that may better suit your major’s needs.

  • Make sure you explore the “HASS Core Requirements” above for specific guidelines
  • Discover how one course can meet multiple requirements

Use this worksheet to map out your HASS Requirements! 



Connect with the HASS Hub:

Office Hours: Weekdays, 9 to noon and 1 to 4 pm

Location: Russell Sage Laboratory, Room 4307


RECOMMENDED for general HASS Core Questions:  
Remote Drop-In Hours: WebEx Wednesday

  • Available every Wednesday (fall, winter, spring, and summer!)
  • 5-to-10-minute remote video chats with a Hub Advisor
  • Perfect for questions about Minors, Pathways, and the HASS Core!
  • Sign up form will open at 9 am Wednesday Morning


If you are unable to attend our weekly drop-ins, you are welcome to send us an email. Please allow 24 to 48 business hours for a response. HASSinfo@rpi.edu


For larger HASS Core Questions: Typically a referral from your Major Advisor.   
Appointments: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

  • Meet one-on-one with a HASS Hub Advisor
  • 20-minute meetings (in-person or remote options)
  • Great if you are thinking of adding a HASS major!
  • Use for larger HASS Core Concerns (Advisor referrals)
  • Book now!



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