The HASS Core 

As part of their B.S. degree program, all Rensselaer undergraduates take a selection of HASS courses called the HASS Core. The Core Curriculum is outlined within the College Catalog


Objectives of the HASS Core:

  • Provide “big picture” as well as community-scale perspective, advancing students’ understanding of how the contemporary, globalized world works, and of the positioning and perspectives of different social groups.
  • Provide both a historical perspective and a sense of how change has been and can be brought about.
  • Introduce, expose, and cultivate diverse communication skills and critical perspectives on communication, encouraging students to continually evaluate rhetorical forms and styles of argument, supporting data, and media representations.
  • Develop a critical perspective and awareness.


HASS Core Requirements: 

Click the links below for more information on each specific requirement. 


Each School at RPI has varying requirements to complete the HASS Core. For this reason, we encourage you first to review the following school-specific information and to meet with your assigned Academic Advisor before connecting with the HASS Hub. Select your School below for your major’s specific requirements:


Transfer Students | HASS Core

Still have questions about the HASS Core?

Below is a general HASS Core worksheet that will allow you to map out your HASS Requirements for any RPI major. Ensure you follow the guidelines specific to your school/major. 

  • Make sure you click all the links in the “HASS Core Requirements” above for specific guidelines
  • Discover how one course can meet multiple requirements

Use this general worksheet to map out your HASS Requirements.

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If you cannot attend our weekly drop-ins, you are welcome to email us. Please allow 2 to 3 business days for a response. We may still recommend meeting with one of our Advisors in a drop-in or meeting depending on the context of your question. HASSinfo@rpi.edu



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