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Add a HASS Minor to your RPI Accomplishments

At RPI, students have a 12-credit depth concentration (usually three 4-credit courses) in a chosen area of focus called the Integrative Pathway. Pathways are clusters of courses that have a particular theme. They help students find courses that fit together and build upon each other. Once you’ve satisfied your Pathway requirements, a minor can be the next step! Most minors at RPI comprise four courses, and many align with the Pathways. Often earning a minor is just a matter of taking one additional 4-credit course beyond the Pathway, for a total of 16 credits.

Some students decide to minor in an area that compliments their major.  
For example; 

  • a Biology major with a minor in Psychology
  • a Business and Management major with a minor in Economics
  • an Environmental Science major with a minor in Sustainability Studies 

Or you could use the minor to pursue one of your interests:

  • an Engineer with a love of literature and creative writing
  • a Chemistry major focused on graphic design
  • a ITWS student who is a member of our Music ensembles  


As with your major and Integrative Pathway, minors also have established curriculum requirements. Some curriculums are broad, allowing you to select courses based on their subject (LANG, ECON, etc.), while some have a specific list of courses developed. Be certain that as you pursue your minor, you are utilizing your Cohort's Catalog * year to ensure you are following the correct list of courses. 

* Not sure how to use the Catalog? Find guidance here or meet with your Academic Advisor. 


Let's Get Started!

What do you need to know about Minors?

  • Minors have curriculum requirements and are typically 16 credits
  • HASS Minors can be incorporated into your HASS Core (including the Pathway)
  • Your Academic Advisor will help you incorporate any minor requirements into your Plan of Study
  • There are no restrictions on how many minors you can pursue
  • Minors will appear on your final Transcript (not your Diploma)
  • You must submit the 'Minor Approval Form' BEFORE your final semester at RPI. 
  • Find more Policies/Guidelines regarding Minors on the Registrar's Website


When should you declare a minor? 

We encourage you to declare...

  1. the moment that you decide to pursue the minor, and...
  2. you have worked with your Advisor to incorporate the required courses into your curriculum. 

You do not need to wait until you have completed all the coursework to declare.

Why? Many students miss the opportunity to declare their minor because they wait until their final semester at RPI to submit the paperwork. minor Forms MUST BE submitted to the Registrar's Office the semester BEFORE you graduate. If this deadline is missed, the form will not be processed and the minor will not be included on your transcript.

Once you officially declare your minor, you can submit revisions to the Registrar's Office at any time, including your final semester. This may happen if you need to swap out a course because your Plan of Study needs to be adjusted (which is common). 


Where can you find minors and their requirements? 
Here are three options: 

  1. You can find all HASS Minors listed with all our Academic Programs. From this page, you will see the department each program is connected to, and you will get a general idea of the theme for each minor. 
  2. Head to the list of Programs and search for "Minors" within your Cohort's Catalog.
  3. You can also use the Catalog's list of Programs to find your Pathways options. By reviewing Pathways that are most interesting to you, you will see if they are connected to any minors. 


Once you find an interesting minor, you MUST use your Cohort's Academic Catalog for curriculum requirements. Follow these steps to ensure you understand your requirements:

  1. Head to the Academic Catalog
  2. Click ‘Programs’ from the left-hand menu and search this page... 
  3. Select your minor and review the academic requirements and included notes. 
    1. Some of the minor's requirements may be included in the introduction. 
    2. Read all section headings carefully as there might be required courses and a list of options. 
    3. Pay attention to 'or' options that require one course or another, not both.
    4. Pay attention to 'and' language, as it means there is a required sequence.


Through these steps, you should:

  • Have the list of courses that you need to take to complete the minor's Requirements. 
  • Have critical planning information such as prereqs for required courses, and what term the course is typically offered.


Once you have this information, you should next meet with your Academic Advisor to incorporate the minor's Requirements into your Plan of Study. Your Advisor will help balance your major-specific requirements alongside your goals to include a HASS minor as part of your RPI achievements. 


You MUST declare your minor before your final semester at RPI. 


Step 1) Complete the Minor Approval Form. 

  1. Read both pages of the form before filling it out to ensure you have all the required information. 
  2. "Semester to be taken" should be based on your intended Plan of Study. It is okay if this changes.

Step 2) Submit your Minor Approval Form using the webform below for review by the "Minor Area Department Chair or designee." If needed, we will reach out with recommendations for revision. If no revisions are needed... 

Step 3) Send the Approved Minor Form to your Advisor for final approval. 

Step 4) Submit the Form to the Registrar's Office through their "Registrar Request" (red button). 




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