Welcome Class of 2028!

Welcome, Welcome to the RPI Class of 2028!

Please use this webpage as we will use this space to communicate with you over the next few months. We will share everything from connecting with your new advisors to important dates, resources, course lists, and much more! The HASS Academic Advising Hub will guide and support you through important academic decisions, ensuring you have the resources and information you need to be successful. You can reach out to us for academic support as you navigate your transition into our community. 


Upcoming Accepted Student Day Events | March 23rd and April 13th 

Join us at one of the upcoming Accepted Student Day events to meet all the faculty and staff who will support and provide guidance on reaching your personal and professional goals. We are excited to connect with you during panels featuring students, faculty, and staff, and break-out rooms where you can connect with faculty on the Corridor of Creativity!


Commonly asked questions from Accepted Student Day!

RPI is a technological university and that applies to HASS programs as much as it does engineering and science. In HASS, we look to the future and focus on global challenges, to ensure that our students are well-prepared for their careers. Our students develop technical skill sets focused on the humanities, the arts, and the social sciences in their mission to change the world for the better. 


Why HASS at RPI? Simply... 

Our students change the world! 


  • BTHE | Biotechnology and Health Economics BS 
  • COGS | Cognitive Science BS
  • COMD | Communication, Media, and Design BS
  • DSIS | Design, Innovation, and Society BS
  • ECON | Economics BS
  • EART | Electronic Arts BS
  • GSAS | Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences BS
  • MUSC | Music BS
  • PHIL | Philosophy BS
  • PSYS | Psychological Science BS
  • STSS | Science and Technology Studies BS
  • STSO | Science, Technology, and Society BS
  • SUST | Sustainability Studies BS

Learn more about each of these programs here!


As an incoming student, you can easily switch to a HASS Major! 

What do you need to know:

  • Space can be limited! For some majors, we have a maximum number of students per cohort, such as Design, Innovation, and Society (DSIS), and Games and Simulation Arts, and Social Sciences (GSAS). 
  • GSAS - Portfolios are recommended to join the program. Email hassinfo@rpi.edu to get started.



The process outlined below will stay live for incoming students until August 30th. 

After August 30th, please initiate this process with your Advisor. 


How to switch to a HASS Major as an incoming student: Starting TODAY!

  1. Click this link to start the process with Admissions.
  2. While waiting for confirmation that your major has been changed, you can connect with us in the HASS Hub to ensure you are on track for your first registration and are connected to your Advisors. We will catch you up! Please, email hassinfo@rpi.edu.  


If you have any questions, email hassinfo@rpi.edu.  


What is a dual? A dual merges two degrees into one curriculum plan that meets the requirements for both majors. You can dual within or outside the same department or school; for example, COGS+CSCI, or GSAS+EART. 


As an incoming student, you can add most HASS duals during the summer before your first semester. Be sure to communicate your goals to your Advisor so they can help you prepare based on the major(s) you are interested in adding. 


What do you need to know:

  • Space can be limited! For some majors, there is a maximum number of students that can be enrolled per cohort, such as Design, Innovation, and Society (DSIS), and Games and Simulation Arts, and Social Sciences (GSAS). 
  • If you are not already a HASS major, you must speak with your School's Advising Hub first (*links below) to ensure your idea for a dual will work with your current major. Joining some majors may require an extra Academic Year to complete all the requirements. 
  • HASS is the only school that will accept new duals for incoming students over the summer. If you wish to add a dual for a major outside of HASS, that process may begin as late as your second semester at RPI. Some majors have requirements before you can add them as a dual, such as Computer Science and ITWS. 
  • GSAS - Portfolios are recommended to join the program. Email hassinfo@rpi.edu to get started.
  • DSIS - Space is limited! Please email hassinfo@rpi.edu to express your interest.


How to Add a HASS Dual as an incoming student:
NOTE: Dual applications will not be processed until Summer 2024.

  1. Download the "Undergraduate Change of Major" form that can be found on this Registrar's Office webpage. Click the link for an example of a filled-out form
  2. Fill out the top section that collects all your information (name, RIN, RPI email, etc.).
  3. Circle 'Yes' or 'No' to answer if you are a US Citizen or Permanent Resident. If you are an international student, we will help you connect with International Student Services as part of this process.  
  4. Fill out Section B, "Adding a Dual Major." You will find the major codes on the second page. Please leave "Please Print new Advisor's Name" blank. 
  5. Once filled out, please send the form to hassinfo@rpi.edu 


* Other Hubs:


If you have any questions, email hassinfo@rpi.edu.  


"Working at the frontier of today’s most critical areas of inquiry, Rensselaer attracts roughly $103 million in research funding each year. We encourage undergraduate students from all five schools to become part of this exciting research, and to make research an integral part of their undergraduate education."


Click here to learn more!

"Students entering as first-time freshmen can transfer a maximum of 32 credits hours toward their Bachelor’s degree at Rensselaer. First-time freshmen are required to complete all AP/Dual Enrollment/IB credit requests by the end of their first year to be considered."


Click here to learn more!




Next ...

Student Orientation (SO) and Registration | June 2024 - August 2024

As SO gets closer, we will add more information and dates to this page to help you prepare. For enrolled RPI students, we will reach out for the first in June to begin planning! In the meantime, we look forward to connecting with you through the upcoming events hosted by Admissions.


Review the New Student Orientation Guide from the Office of First-Year Experience in Student Success.




Eager to get started? We encourage you to visit The School of HASS website to learn more about our departments and programs. If you are curious about RPI courses and curriculum, check out the College Catalog. And, if you want to get excited about our incredible faculty, click this link to read their bios and learn more about their research (one of them may be your Faculty Advisor)! And, if you want to learn more about the staff who will be there to support you, click here for The Hub.



The School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
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