Welcome Class of 2027!

Welcome, Welcome!

Your college experience at RPI is just beginning! We are so excited to welcome you to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The HASS Academic Advising Hub is here to guide and support your academic decisions. You can reach out to us for academic support as you navigate your transition into our community. 

Where to begin?

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Recommended To-Do List   
Upcoming Registration Webinars   
Planning your First Semester at RPI   
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Our WebEx Chat Room - Join us in July 2023!

This is the number one way to have all of your academic questions answered!

This chat room will be a great resource for you to ask your HASS Hub Advising team and the rest of our new HASS students all your questions. 

  • You will find an invitation to join us in your RPI inbox this summer.
  • Hub Advisors will be available in the chat Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm EST.

How to prepare:

Step 1: Download WebEx Teams to your Phone and/or Computer

Step 2: Log in with your new RCS information (RPI email/password)

Step 3: Check your RPI email this July 2023 for your invitation to join us!



Recommended To-Do List:

Reduce stress by completing these steps BEFORE arriving to RPI.

Transferring College Credits to RPI as a new First-Year Student

Other helpful steps:

  • Download WebEx Teams to your phone and/or computer (see above)
  • Add our upcoming Webinar Dates to your Calendar (see below)
  • Want to change your major before you begin? Visit the Admission's Portal! You have until the first day of Fall classes, however, it is HIGHLY recommended you change your major before registering.
  • Interested in a Dual with HASS? Join our upcoming webiner for more information (including the process to declare before you arrive). See details below!



Upcoming Registration Webinars: Mid-July 2023 

Look for an email in your RPI Inbox with an invitation that includes all the webinars details.  


HASS Student Webinars with the HASS Advising Hub:

Learn what courses you should be planning to take in your first semester at RPI. Your Hub Advisor will cover academic requirements, the tools/resources to help you plan, and the actual process of how to register. You will find an invitation in your RPI inbox on July 6th! 

  • Plan your First Semester *Watch the recording here*
  • Plan your First Semester: GSAS *Watch the recording here*
  • Transfer Credit Webinar *Watch the recording here*
  • The HASS Core *Watch the recording here*



Planning your First Semester at RPI!

Now that you have attended (or watched the recording) of "Planning your First Semester," let us get you started on your own path! Follow these simple steps.

Let's get started!



We look forward to meeting you! 

Have a question? Post your question in the HASS Chat! 


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