HASS Integrative Pathways

Undergraduate students, regardless of their major, must have an area of focus in their HASS studies that is accomplished by completing an approved 12-credit depth concentration, known as Integrative Pathways. 

The HASS Integrative Pathways were created to enhance students’ HASS Core curriculum by bringing intentionality and depth to the requirements. The themes of the pathways vary in their intentionality; some are interdisciplinary, while others focus on a single discipline, providing students with significant options for their coursework. In addition to providing a more in-depth focus to the HASS Core, many Integrative Pathways can be transformed into minors with relative ease.

The course requirements are laid out in the RPI Catalog. Click on Programs and scroll down to Integrative Pathways. Please note that interest in a pathway does not guarantee access to completing the pathway; be sure to check for course availability, course restrictions, and available seats.

Goals of Integrated Pathways

  • An Integrative Pathway provides consistency to what could otherwise be an unfocused array of courses in the HASS Core.
  • An Integrative Pathway augments intellectual coherence to course selection in the form of disciplinary or interdisciplinary themes.
  • An Integrative Pathway can enhance or enrich a major. For example, a Computer Science major following the Artificial Intelligence pathway or a Biomedical Engineering major following the Public Health pathway.

  • Integrative Pathways guide students toward a specific selection of courses, aiding students in deciding between wide ranges of course options.
  • Integrative Pathways can be selected to meet several HASS requirements concurrently.  For example, a course that is required in the selected pathway may be both a HASS Inquiry course and Communication Intensive, thus satisfying multiple requirements simultaneously.

  • If courses are chosen wisely, many Integrative Pathways can be transformed into minors with just one additional course.
  • Integrative Pathways may lead students to discover an area of interest and courses for the Integrative Pathways can be a significant part of a major.

Below you will find several videos from HASS faculty talking about the essence of the Integrative Pathways. Use these to help you explore the wide range of possibilities within the Pathways.


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