HASS offers some of the most unique and inspiring facilities in the world!


West Hall Art Gallery — This gallery space is used to display a large array of works from students, faculty, and visiting artists ranging from traditional 2D paintings and prints to multimedia interactive installations.


Advanced Computer Music Production Studio — This single workstation studio is an advanced digital audio and video post-production system focused primarily on multi-track audio via Pro-Tools. Graduate and advanced-level users have the ability to post-produce multi-track audio and video including 5.1 surround sound tracks. This studio is open to graduate-level users, visiting artists, and advanced select undergraduate students.

Burt Swersey Inventor’s Studio — This studio has flexible student workstations, a conference and media presentation area where whiteboard notes can be transferred to digital form, areas for wireless network access and printing, and a small workshop with basic hand and electronic tools. This room has been renovated to accommodate larger class sizes and has been equipped for multimedia presentations.

Digital Imaging and Graphics Studio — This facility is set up to support high performance scanning, printing, drafting, and some video editing via Macintosh workstations for undergraduate courses, special lectures, and other special events.

Drawing Studio — This studio supports all basic and advanced-level drawing and painting courses and activities. Pedestals, drawing boards, and subject stands are all available in the studio.

Equipment — Students can check out equipment for HASS courses, events, and research. Available equipment includes a large variety of audio and video equipment such as HD video cameras, portable audio field recorders, LCD projectors, portable screens and monitors, PA systems, and mixers.

Emergent Reality Lab  The Emergent Reality Lab at the Rensselaer Tech Park houses a CAVE Virtual Reality system, with immersive 3D projection, motion tracking, and eight channel surround sound.

Games Lab — This lab provides space for GSAS and other HASS classes, with design prototyping materials and a performance motion capture system. 

Games Project Space — This multipurpose space is specially equipped for students to work on developing video games. It also includes an area for instructors to demonstrate games and for students to present their work.

HASS Media Studio — The redesigned 1,700-square-foot space includes an audio control room, video control room, audio-visual lab, isolation booth, and an audio and video production studio. It is used for sound and video recording classes, as well as integrated media performances. For this reason, it was built with audio and video connectivity to existing facilities on campus, such as the Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) and the Cognitive and Immersive Systems Lab (CISL). Check out the video tour or Make A Reservation.

Intermediate Computer Music Laboratory — This is an undergraduate electronic music classroom used for the teaching and production of electronic computer music and other special audio and interactive art courses. 

Large Format Printer Suite — This suite contains a large format archival printer operated by a graphic designer and print production coordinator.

Media Studio Laboratory — This lab is a large multipurpose classroom that supports lectures and courses such as Media Studio Imaging and Digital Filmmaking, as well as special presentations and installations. It has desktop computers, HD projection, HD monitors for student laptops, writing tablets, scanners, and work tables.

Media Conversion Studio — A high definition audio/video post-production facility.

Multimedia Conference Room — This room supports graduate seminars, lectures, topics courses, and special presentations.

Multimedia Lecture Classroom — This room is for more traditional-style lecture arrangements and supports a variety of courses and presentations.

Practice Rooms — During the fall and spring academic terms, the Arts Department is able to offer selective access to piano practice rooms in West Hall to students, faculty, and staff. There are also practice rooms available on the first floor in the Darrin Communications Center.

Sculpture Studio — The sculpture studio is used for students enrolled in sculpture courses and lab sessions. The studio is outfitted with a variety of sculpture stands, tools, and raw materials for the creation of unique art pieces.

VAST Studio — VAST (Visualization, Animation, Simulation Technology) Studio is an advanced digital imaging and animation lab, consisting of 20 animation and game development workstations equipped with dual monitors.




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