HASS Communication Intensive (CI) Requirement

Objectives and Outcomes:    

The content in CI courses has been developed to support your communication skills through your advanced education and into your career. CI courses generally require writing papers and/or doing presentations. For this reason, it is highly recommended to complete a HASS CI course within your first three semesters so you can use these developed skills earlier in your college career (which can only support your GPA).  



Guidelines and Policies: 

  • Many INQR Courses are CI. 
  • All HASS Subjects offer CI Options. 
  • You cannot Pass/No Credit your CI Course.  
  • Should be taken within the first three semesters. 
  • CI courses must be taken at Rensselaer, they cannot be transferred from another college. 


All students are required to take 2 Communication Intensive Courses:

  1. HASS Communication Intensive Course | Part of your HASS Core requirements
  2. Major-Specific Communication Intensive Course | Not part of the HASS Core requirements



How to find Communication Intensive Courses: 

  • Upcoming CI courses will be published on the Registrar’s Website: Academic Planning  
  • Find other CI courses in SIS. 
    • Go to the ‘Student Menu.'
    • Select a semester (past, present, future). 
    • Click ‘Class Search.’ Select one or more HASS subjects, and click 'Submit."
    • On the results page, view the ‘Attributes’ column (far right) in the search results (see screenshot below for an example).


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