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Is it possible to participate in Rensselaer ensembles if I am not a music major?

Yes. A majority of ensemble members at Rensselaer are majoring in something other than music. We welcome students enrolled in any degree program and do our best to accommodate their scheduling demands.


Can faculty, staff, and community members participate in Rensselaer Ensembles?

Faculty, staff, and community members are welcome to participate in a campus ensemble pending an audition and the approval of the course instructor. Contact the ensemble director to make the arrangements.


Can students audit or take ensembles for zero credit?

Yes. If you want to participate in an ensemble but do not have room for it in your schedule, you can arrange to audit the course or take it for zero credit. Contact the ensemble instructor to make the arrangements.


Can students take ensembles if they have a course conflict?

If you have a course conflict but would still like to participate in an ensemble, contact the ensemble instructor to make arrangements and to sign the necessary paperwork.


Is there a place for me to store my instrument on campus?

Yes. If you are enrolled in private lessons or an ensemble, you can have access to storage spaces/lockers in West Hall. Your private teacher or ensemble leader can put you in touch with someone who can arrange that.


How do I get access to a practice room?

All students enrolled in music lessons, classes, and ensembles can get access to the practice rooms in West Hall and/or the DCC. Please contact your instructor or ensemble leader to arrange for access.


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