“Pig girl among the debs” An installation and web launch by Carolyn Tennant

Over sixty years ago, a shepherdess from Central France became the ingénue author of two novels. According to her publisher, the retired mail carrier in her village helped the barely literate girl of 16 transcribe her fantastic stories, which became critically acclaimed. The story of Berthe Grimault impressed Muriel Orr-Ewing, the headmistress of The Grove Finishing School, who extended an invitation to Berthe to study among a class of elite young women. The Pygmalion tale made the international press, with Orr-Ewing claiming that Berthe’s attendance was a type of experiment.

GSAS partners with Mediaplanet for its Gaming in America campaign!

The GSAS program at HASS is proud to partner with Mediaplanet for its Gaming in America campaign! Studies have shown that women and people of color comprise a large segment of gamers, but unfortunately account for just a small portion of game developers. This campaign advocates for reversing that trend, and increasing representation of female, minority, and LGBTQIA+ stories and characters in games.

And Then There Was Quiet

"And then there was quiet" a multi-media installation with ambisonic sound, video projection, and dance work. 4/27-30 at EMPAC. Multi-Media Artist, Ricardo Tovar Mateus, and Movement Director, Carson Reiners, present quietness or the stillness of movement and sound; viscerally felt during the current times. The stripping away of life and human movement through death leaving behind emptiness, a void. Encompassed by the speed and “loudness” of information which forcibly clashes against our experience.

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