Be Well: Get Out! with Professor Bram Van Heuveln

Hiking infographic

The HASS Well-being Working Group invites you to join us on April 23rd at 4:30 PM EDT --from any outdoor location-- for an hour long sensory walk, virtually guided by Professor Van Heuveln (via Webex).

Get up from your chair and go out! It doesn’t matter where you go, but give all of your senses a treat. Smell the Spring, Watch the Wild, Hear the Humming, Feel the Flowers, and Touch the Trees (we don’t recommend you Taste the Turf … but hey: totally up to you!). Connect to the meeting via your mobile device so we can share and make sense of our experiences! Open to students, staff, and faculty.

Any questions? Contact Professor Van Heuveln at heuveb@​rpi.​edu

Webex meeting link: https://rensselaer.​webex.​com/rensselaer/j.php?MTID=me92a1728b3bbd167eb050f4271691b07


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