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Past Seminar Speakers

PresenterInstitutionDatePaper Title
Erin KrupkaUniversity of MichiganOct 4, 2023A Sticky Threat: How a Single Exposure of Misinformation Changes Beliefs, Behaviors, and Perceived Norms
Neslihan UlerUniversity of MarylandAp 26, 2023A Comparison of Rebate and Matching Subsidies in the Context of Taxes: A Novel Framework to Elicit Unbiased Estimates
Sarah JacobsonWilliams CollegeOct 26, 2022Refund Institutions in a Compound Threshold Public Good Game
Juan-Camilo CardenasUMass AmherstApr 20, 2022Debt Collection, the Nice Way: Behavioral Nudges and Credit Repayment
Olga ShurchkovWellesley CollegeMar 23, 2022Who Values Diversity?

 David Cesarini

NYUNov 10, 2021Social-Science Genetics: A Progress Report
Sherry LiUniversity of ArkansasOct 6, 2021Labor Market Discrimination against Family Responsibilities: A Correspondence Study with Policy Change in China
Christine ExleyHarvard Business SchoolMay 26, 2021Equity Concerns are Narrowly Framed
Caleb Cox Virginia Commonwealth UniversityNov 11, 2020Communication in Multilateral Bargaining with Joint Production



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