Students Talk About Their Dual Degree in CMD

An Ideal Dual Degree for Success in Engineering, Science, Business, and the Arts

Whatever your other major, a dual degree in Communication, Media, and Design (CMD) will increase your odds of career advancement. Whether you are communicating data, managing large projects, or presenting your ideas to clients or colleagues, a background in both the latest, and the oldest, forms of communication and persuasion will give you an edge throughout your career. Today, experience in strategic communication and design thinking are becoming increasingly vital to the production and dispersion of innovative solutions that will shape every field.

Connecting theory with practice, the CMD program will enable you to become a versatile and creative communicator across multiple media. You will not only possess the latest skills but also develop a deeper critical awareness that will serve you well even after specific technologies have become obsolete. More immediately, developing your communication skills will improve your experience and enhance your success as a student. Watch what these CMD Dual Majors have to say about their experiences.





“This dual degree allows me to understand even more about society and people and how the world is perceived. My psychological science major allows me to develop thoughts about human behavior in a more scientific and concrete way but the CMD major allows for a free range of thought and understanding of how the world can be perceived. This dual degree is useful. Every person is involved with media and communication, it's how the world works. New technology is being developed everyday to allow more communication between people throughout the world. Being able to understand communications and mass media broadens your horizon of what you are able to do in a career.”

- Jessie House, a Psychological Science and CMD dual major


“The creativity and compassion of COMM faculty made doing a heavy course load so much more manageable and in some ways, fun. While many other courses in engineering focus on testing and rote memorization, the project based experiences in CMD gave me more agency and freedom to develop my skills and learn to engage in peer critiques. Rounding out my courses with COMM offerings such as Intro to Graphic Design, Typography, and Interactive Data Visualization was crucial in developing additional industry knowledge.”

- Alex Ngan, a Design, Innovation, & Society and CMD dual major


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