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Lorelei Wagner, class of '21

PhD -- Communication & Rhetoric

Hometown: New Baltimore, NY USA


  • What is your favorite RPI course?

    WRIT 6380 Writing & Response.  This class was the 'spark' that started the path to my dissertation project.
  • What are your research interests?

    Writing Studies, Contemplative Educational Philosophy/Pedagogy, Writing Center Studies, and Sensory Studies
  • What major awards or recognition have you received?

    Rensselaer Graduate Fellowship - 2015; Founder's Award - 2019; HASS Fellowship - 2019 - 2021
  • What is a fun fact about yourself?

    At the age of 19, was licensed to drive a rear-engine dragster as fast as a 7.50 ET at 180 MPH in a 1/4 mile.



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Jennifer Cole, class of '21

Communication, Media & Design / Math

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO USA


  • Why did you choose this program?

    The School of HASS at RPI has a big interdisciplinary focus, and the faculty and staff are really engaging and helpful. I chose CMD because it's a very flexible major. It gives me the ability to steer my curriculum more towards multimedia communication and writing.
  • What's your favorite class at RPI; why do you like it?

    Strategic Writing (WRIT 2110) is a course that is as fundamental as CS1 or Calculus in my opinion. The course focused on research, academic rhetoric, and presentations in a flexible, engaging way.
  • In what off-campus experiences have you participated?

    Volunteering for Capital Roots in Troy
  • What is your favorite hangout on campus?

    Sage 5th floor lounge
  • What is the most interesting place you've traveled?

    New Zealand during the pandemic !!!



a photo of Rochelle Kaper



Rochelle Kaper, class of '23

Psychological Science / Biological Neuroscience

Hometown: Summit, NJ USA


  • What brought you to RPI?

    Research opportunities, STEM focus, proximity from home
  • What are your research interests?

    I am currently working in CogWorks Laboratory and on the Alzheimer’s Prevention Research Project.
  • What on-campus activities are you involved with?

    Greek Life, Ski Team, Admissions Ambassador, Food Recovery Network, research
  • What is the most interesting place you've traveled?

    New Zealand



a photo of Alexander Lutsevich



Alexander Lutsevich, class of '24

Cognitive Science, PhD

Hometown: Bamberg, Bavaria / Germany


  • Why did you choose this program?

    1. Work of Dr. Gray. It adds to, and extends my previous work done in Germany for my MA in Psychology. There, I was working on integrative models of human cognition (Doerner: Psi-Theory), and human decision making / error in complex, dynamic environments. The focus there was on a large time-scale, spanning over months/years (e.g. decision making in politics, dynamics of ideologies). Here, I would get the opportunity to investigate the other part of the spectrum of human decision making in complex, dynamic environments, on a millisecond level.

    2. Gain professional experience in outside of Germany, experience US culture, and society.
  • What are your research interests?

    Attention and human coordination in complex, dynamic environments, specifically in the domain of e-sports
  • What is your favorite hangout on campus?

    Outside the back door of the Carnegie building. It is very rewarding get the sunset view over Troy / Hudson Valley after a day of work.
  • What is the most interesting place you've traveled?

    Not sure how to use "interesting" to pick one. RPI is on the very top. To me, it is reminiscent of Hogwarts.



photo of John Foster



John Foster, class of '24

Games and Simulations Arts & Sciences  / Computer Science

Hometown: Bucksport, ME, USA


  • What brought you to RPI?

    The GSAS Major and the Arch Program
  • What is your favorite class at RPI; why do you like it?

    29133, Introduction to Game Storytelling is my favorite class so far! I have never had a creative writing course before so this is a new and exciting experience for me!
  • Where is the most interesting place you have traveled?

  • What are you hobbies?

    Cooking; Robotics; Game design; Watching movies; Playing videogames





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