Research Problems in Cognitive Science Speaker Series

Time: 12:00 – 1:30PM  |  Location: Carnegie 113

8/31/2002 - Professors: Chris Sims, Alicia Walf, and Dan Thero
Title: Informational Meeting for Cognitive Science, Philosophy, and Psychological Science undergraduate programs

9/7/2002 - Student: Pierce McGuckin (Remote)

9/7/2002 - Student: Michael Giancols

Title: Toward an Explainable Framework for Intensional Defeasible Reasoning

9/14/2002 – Guest Speaker: Professor Shlomo Engelson Argamon – Illinois Institute of Technology (collaboration between COGS and IDEA/DAIC)
Title: Cybernetic Hermeneutics: Integrated Human/Computational Methods for Interpretation and Understanding

9/21/2022 – Ph.D. Candidate: Jeramey Tyler
Title: "Predicting room acoustical features from a running signal using cepstrum and precedence effect based models and convolutional neural networks"

9/28/2022 - Ph.D. Candidate: Zeming Fang
Title: Learning generalizable representation through action

10/5/2022 – Guest Speaker: Professor Chris Kello UCMERCED :  Interim Vice Provost and Graduate Dean
Title: Exploration and Exploitation in Individual and Collective Foraging

10/12/2022 – Ph.D. Candidate: Tyler Malloy (Remote)
Title: Modelling Cognitive Representations in Visual Utility-Based Learning BD

10/19/2022 – Guest Speaker: Professor Mona Diab (Remote)

10/26/2022 – Professor: Yingrui Yang
Category theory, dynamic systems, and standard model: A structural integration of social sciences and theoretical physics

11/2/2022 – Professor: Wayne Gray
Expertise’s for Small Team Cooperative Interactions

11/9/2022 – Ph.D. Candidate: Zev Battad

11/16/2022 – Dr. Gunnar O'Neill Babcock 

11/23/2022 – Thanksgiving Break

11/30/2022 – Professor Selmer Bringsjord along with RA’s: Shreya Banerjee, & John Jack Slowik “PERI.2
Title: “Talk/Demos”

12/7/2022 – Student Abraham Sanders

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