Janine Bower

Bower, Janine CGDS

Area of Research / Interest: Voice acting, representation, character/player connection, localization processes, digital materiality

Undergraduate Education Institution: Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick

Undergraduate Major: Spanish and Mandarin Chinese

Biography: As a lover of all things international and previous M.S. in STS grad, Janine is looking to blend a number of her interests into one impactful research project. Some of those interests include: adventures in open world completionism, testing out accents in the amateur voice acting world, and discovering tricky social science questions in the process. As a former administrator (CHOP Global Medicine, Drexel University), adjunct Chinese professor, and one-time K-pop blogger, she is excited to see how much further her South Jersey roots can take her. Email: bowerj6@rpi.edu

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