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WRIT 2310, Creative Writing, Poetry, Spring 2020

Dr. Shira Dentz, Senior Lecturer


Students’ final project was a portfolio of poems that contained 5–8 of what they felt were the strongest poems they wrote in this course during the semester. They were asked to significantly re-envision at least two of these, and to arrange the poems in a sequence that unfolded either narratively, thematically, or imagistically. Students learn that the creative process entails multiple stages, and gain experience with a further stage in the process. The ability to reflect on one’s work and exercise both critical judgement and creativity with equal balance is essential to professional growth in many spheres. The portfolio presented here is one student’s journey.

poetry on mixed media





Lisa Sulmasy Final Portfolio



WRIT 2310, Creative Writing: Poetry, Spring 2020

Dr. Shira Dentz, Senior Lecturer


Students learn and experiment with poetic forms in this course, with the relation of form and content, and with form as an expression of content.  This is a practice they can apply to conceptualizing relationships between form & function, and towards stretching their abilities to think relationally which is foundational to invention in all spheres of life and study.







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