Mengtai Zhang, and alumni Kevin and Jennifer McCoy to be featured at Sundance

Mengtai Zhang's immersive documentary Diagnosia will be featured in the New Forms Program at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.  The New Frontiers program also includes a new work by Arts MFA alumni Kevin and Jennifer McCoy.

About Diagnosia:

Diagnosia is an immersive documentary that portrays the director's memories of being incarcerated in a military-operated internet addiction camp in Beijing in 2007 when he was labeled a teenage “internet addict.” Zhang raises questions about the extensive research publications that have come out of this institution, and how they entangle with the scientific literature of “internet addiction” on a global scale. By tracing the lineage of internet addiction in China’s context, Diagnosia explores how societies can create or manifest pathologies as a tool for social control.

About The Inside World:

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, who pioneered the non-fungible token (NFT), return to Sundance (their installation Our Second Date showed at the 2006 festival) with The Inside World, a crowdsourced gameplay mystery-thriller using digital art NFTs.

In this experimental fiction, delivered via digital art collectibles, Las Vegas is now operated by 14 Artificial Intelligence (AI) “managers” who handle every sector of the city. The problem is… one of them is secretly human!

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