Mariam Elasser (COMD/EART) selected as one of the 2021 Winners of DesignRush Global Student Design Competition

RISD Museum Rebranding by Mariam Elasser

Mariam Elasser (COMD/EART) was selected as one of the 2021 Winners of DesignRush Global Student Design Competition for their graphic design work on the RISD Museum Rebranding. DesignRush ran a global design competition for students across three categories - logo design, graphic design, and UI design. The purpose of the competition was to recognize the best emerging talent in the global market.

According to Mariam:

“Founded in 1877, the RISD Museum has served the Providence community by providing its patrons access to the arts, both contemporary and historical. My rebranding of the museum gives it a modern look and allows for some of its newer artists and exhibits to shine.”

Her work included posters related to the museum’s events, a re-imagination of their current website and branded merchandise.

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