CogWorks Lab Recruiting for Paid Study

The CogWorks Lab (Department of Cognitive Science) here at RPI is recruiting participants 18 years of age and older for a paid research study investigating long-term skill acquisition in cooperative behavior, using a cooperative cooking video game.

The study consists of 11, 1-hour sessions. 8 of these sessions will involve playing a video game, and 3 sessions will involve completing a battery of cognitive tasks assessing various facets of cognitive performance.

Two to three gaming sessions will be completed each week, with at least one day between sessions. Participants will be paired in a static group of 2-4 teammates, who will complete each gaming session together (groups of 2-4 friends are encouraged to sign up together!). It is vitally important that groups complete all 11 sessions of the study. All participants will be compensated financially, $15 for each of the 11 sessions, with a $50 bonus upon completion of the entire study (all 11 sessions) by all participants, for a total of $215. To sign up for this study, please fill out this form.

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