Music, Minor

Program Overview

A music minor consists of 16 credits from the music curriculum. Students may fulfill the Music minor by fulfilling the requirements in one of the three tracks listed below:

  1. Music Humanities serves students who neither perform nor compose but wish to have an in depth appreciative experience of music from a wide cultural perspective.
  2. Composition is for students with a more substantial history of creating music, whether technologically-based, notated, or improvised.
  3. Performance caters to students active in the ensembles program or private lessons, with two options:  1) for those who don’t have/need more detailed technical knowledge of theory or technology, and 2) for performers with stronger technical/theoretical backgrounds. 

Course topics may include:

  • Deep Listening
  • World Music
  • The Multimedia Century
  • Exploring Music @ Rensselaer
  • Western Music Appreciation
  • Composition
  • Music and Technology 
  • Music and Sound 

Plus, students can select a performance track:

  • Performance Ensemble
  • Private Music Lessons

See course catalog for details


The School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
Russell Sage Laboratory (SAGE) 5304, 110 8th Street, Troy, NY 12180
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