Gamefest 2024 Gallery

GameFest made a triumphant 20th anniversary return to EMPAC this year, showcasing the work of tomorrow’s best game design talent from RPI and universities across the northeast.

Among the RPI student projects enjoyed by casual gamers and industry professionals alike were “Avarisia,” a roguelike tabletop game; “Project Jerboa,” a physics-based puzzle-platformer, the experimental, perspective-smashing “Meditations of Menander,” the boxing-and-fishing VR offering “Fisht Fight,” and others. This year also included a graduate research symposium organized by students in the Critical Game Design PhD program.

Thank you to everyone who made GameFest possible, including RPI’s Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences program, Critical Game Design program, and our supporters from the Empire State Development Centers of Excellence Program.
Here’s to many more years of hitting the high score! 

a student wearing a VR headset, Gamefest 2024 at EMPAC written in the lower right corner with white letters on a red quarter circle
two students fitting a VR headset on a player
a male student explaining his game to a player wearing a blue shirt using a laptop
a triptic showing a teenaged female player in the top panel, a child wearing headphones and holding a controller in the mid panel, and a student standing next to a television, explaining his game in the bottom panel
a child in a gray sweatshirt playing a fishing game while the creator, a bearded man in a black shirt and brown pants, looks on
an image with two panels, the top: someone playing a game while the creators watch; the bottom: a man and a woman talk across a table
a team of four students posing for a photo


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