About the Cognitive Science Department

The Department of Cognitive Science offers students unique opportunities in the scientific study of the human brain, mind, and intelligence. We work at the intersection of philosophy, psychology, and computer science, and use various methods, tools, and perspectives to develop "cognitively ergonomic" tools and environments, build devices to repair and augment cognitive skills and capacities, and create artificially intelligent computers and robots.

Student and faculty in a discussion with a robot

Cognitive Science

Discover a broad, interdisciplinary, and fast-growing field.

Cognitive science students gain technical research experience while gaining skills in logical reasoning, critical thinking, and communication.

Student wearing VR glasses

Psychological Science 
With the benefit of emerging technologies, Rensselaer faculty and psychological science majors are gleaning important new insights into how people learn, think, perceive, act, express emotions, make decisions, and interact with others, and applying these discoveries to improve the way we live and work.

Girl with overlay of technology

Philosophy plays the unique role of asking the sort of questions and proposing the sort of answers that serve to frame and contextualize the empirical and computational research being conducted by those working in other areas of cognitive science.

Philosophy draws attention to both connections and distinctions that might not otherwise be apparent. It also examines the value judgments implicit in scientific research and technological development and often proposes new ways of thinking about the values we pursue. 


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