Prof Wayne Gray Leads Research Team at Tetris Championship

Prof Wayne Gray Leads Research Team at Tetris Championship

Date posted: 2017-10-20 11:23:39

A team from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute will attend the Classic Tetris World Championship in Portland, Oregon, Oct. 20-22, to collect data from the world’s best Tetris players, part of an ongoing study of human “extreme expertise” in rapid and dynamic decision-making environments.

The Rensselaer team, led by Wayne Gray, professor of cognitive science and director of the CogWorks Laboratory at Rensselaer, will bring three laboratory computers and two eyetrackers to collect behavioral and eye data from champion Tetris players who qualify for the final round of the tournament. 

The research team has already collected data from over 300 Rensselaer students, who have contributed an hour of time each playing Tetris, the popular tile-matching puzzle video game. The participants have been eye tracked and their game device key-presses have been recorded and time-stamped to the nearest millisecond. According to Gray, the level of expertise of the tournament players begins where that of the Rensselaer students ended. 

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