Nancy Campbell on Dealing with US Opioid Epidemic

Nancy Campbell on Dealing with US Opioid Epidemic

Date posted: 2017-05-17 14:14:45

STS Professor and addiction reseracher Nancy Campbell is one of nine experts quoted in the May 15 article, "Drug Use by State: 2017's Problem Areas," on the personal finance website WalletHub

The article ranks all 50 states by intensity of the drug-abuse problem, and shows the top and bottom 5 states for issues such as number of opioid prescriptions, drug arrests, overdoses and treatment facilities.  

Among Professor Campbell's recommendations are:

• Expand access to clean needles and the ovedose reversal drug naloxone (Narcan)

• Make sure that everyone who is ready to enter treatment can do so

• Evaluate production controls and regulation of the pharmaceutical industry, including its promotional practices and profit margins

Noting that "[t]here is no one form of drug treatment that fits all," Prof. Campbell advocates making naloxone widely available and training users and those close to them in its administration to prevent overdose deaths.