Grad Student Zev Battad Presents on Wed. 3/22 - 12 noon, Sage 4101

Grad Student Zev Battad Presents on Wed. 3/22 - 12 noon, Sage 4101

Date posted: 2017-03-21 16:17:30

This week's Problems in Cognitive Science talk will be given by graduate student Zev Battad, on "Using Multiple Storylines for Presenting Large Information Networks." The weekly presentation is held every Wednesday at 12 noon in Sage Labs 4101.  Pizza will be available!

In this talk, Battad will discuss the theory behind interweaving storylines, present the algorithms his team has developed for automatically generating interweaving storylines, and cover examples and discussions for future work.

Storytelling has always been an effective and intuitive method for exchanging information. In today's world of large, open, structured data, storytelling can benefit the ways in which people explore and consume such information. In our work, we explore different techniques from narrative storytelling for the purpose of presenting information from such large information networks. In particular, we have explored the phenomenon of multiple interweaving storylines in narrative.

The use of multiple storylines is present in many mediums of narrative expression, including film, television, and classic and contemporary literature, suggesting its usefulness to authors across such diverse domains. Specifically, a model for interweaving storylines has been introduced in film theory surrounding the structure of interest in cinema. Bringing the technique to the task of information presentation, the use of interweaving storylines can tie together possibly disparate veins of exploration in large networks of information, as well as helping maintain audience interest.