THL Recruiting UG Researchers

THL Recruiting UG Researchers

Date posted: 2018-01-20 14:08:28

The Tactical Humanities Lab is a collaboration space that supports research on the intersections of digital technology, social justice, and humanities. The lab is directed by Professor Jim Malazita (STS and GSAS).

Below are the current research projects in the lab, as well as the positions open for each project. Undergraduate researchers are supported either for HASS credit or for pay at a rate of $12/hr for 12 hours a week for the semester. All interested undergraduates should reach out to the Project Manager and Professor Malazita by January 24th.

Project 1: "The Sanctuary for New Americans," Project Manager: Van Tran Nguyen

Positions available: 2

The Sanctuary for New Americans is a digital project that collaborates with artists who are marginalized and prejudiced against in this current state of political affairs. The Sanctuary is a web-based diary for creatives who have been hurt by and, who have suffered setbacks from the political climate. As this project evolves, I wish to collaborate with other artists from all over the country and would like help on creating the website. The skills that a research assistant for this project would need are graphic design, fluent in website coding and video editing. This project was created to populate the creative digital space with 
more women and specifically women of color. I'm interested in creating a safe space for creative people who have been denied access or have not been privileged in traditional art spaces.

Students interested in the project, especially those with experience in graphic design or web design, should contact Van Tran Nguyen ( and Jim Malazita (

Project 2: "Identity, Belonging, and DNA Testing," Project Manager: Hined Rafeh

Positions available: 2

This project investigates the social construction of race, health and genetics through personal genome testing services. Over time, this project will build a digital archive and visual curation of genetic material and results of direct-to-consumer ancestry tests from members of racial and religious groups.

Students interested in the project, especially those interested in learning how to review relevant academic articles, transcribe interviews, conduct data entry and analysis, or develop visual curations of genetic results, should contact Hined Rafeh ( and Jim Malazita (

Project 3: "Gamifying Knowledge," Project Manager: Matej Vakula

Positions Available: 2

This project will produce and prototype digital narratives and games that bridge public and academic knowledge about astrophysics, environmental data, and DIY scientific tools. We will produce a non-traditional digital narrative, based on astrophysical data from a particle collider in Vancouver using non-traditional data visualization techniques, 3D animation, digital simulations and a planetarium dome projection. We will also develop ideas, sketches and simple prototypes of online, tabletop and urban gaming platforms based on environmental data collected by Public Lab’s community using their DIY scientific tools. 

Students interested in the project, especially those with skills in Maya (rigging, animation, modeling), Houdini, C++ and Python, writing for gaming, data visualization, and digital fabrication, should contact Matej Vakula ( and Jim Malazita (