Composer Gareth Loy is Keynote Speaker at First Art_X Symposium - Music, Sound and Mathematics

Composer Gareth Loy is Keynote Speaker at First Art_X Symposium - Music, Sound and Mathematics

Date posted: 2017-10-20 11:33:48

Internationally renowned composer and researcher Dr. Gareth Loy will deliver the keynote address at the first-ever Art_X Symposium, entitled Music, Sound and Mathematics, on Wednesday, October 25 at EMPAC Studio Beta.

Loy is the author of Musimathics, a widely read two-volume work on the intersection of  music and mathematics. In keeping with the interdisciplinary nature of Art_X, Loy's talk will draw on cognitive science, information theory, connectionism and music theory to explore questions such as “What gives music its appeal?” and “Why does one composition enthrall and endure, while another falls flat?”

Loy's keynote at 1:15 pm is part of a daylong calendar of events that features faculty from RPI’s Department of the Arts, the Department of Science and Technology Studies, the School of Architecture, and the Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC).  The complete schedule appears below.

Music, Sound and Mathematics is the first major Art_X-sponsored symposium investigating intersections of the Sciences and Art, and is presented wiith support from George A. Articolo ('61 physics), the Vollmer Fries Lecture Series, the Schools of HASS and Science, and AXIS (The Art_X Interdisciplinary Seminar).  The symposium is free and open to the public. 



Coffee from 8:30 AM

9:00  -  Nina Young - "Musical Orchestration and Composition from Spectral Analysis"
9:45   -  Shawn Lawson and Ryan Ross Smith - "Live Coding: Mathematics in Performance"
10:30  -  Eric Ameres - "Generative Musical Form Through Marcov Analysis and Synthesis."
11:15  -  Rob Hamilton - "Interactive Musical Mapping of 3D Character Physics in Game Play"

-- Break --

1:00 - Mary Simoni -  Introduction
1:15 - Gareth Loy - Keynote,  "A Theory of Musical Interest"
2:15 - Ron Eglash -  "Rap vs Reggae and Human vs Whale: the fractal dimension of waveforms reveals how meaning is encoded”
3:00 - Johannes Goebel -  "The Hammer, the Nail, the Rafter and the Framework – Remarks on Music and Mathematics
3:45 - Jonas Braasch  - “A.I. and Improvisational Musical Agents”
4:15 - Discussion 

5:00 - Reception at Evelyn’s Cafe