HASS Core Curriculum

All Rensselaer students working towards a B.S. degree are required to take a selection of Humanities, Arts,  and Social Science courses referred to as the HASS Core, consisting of 24 credit hours, or six courses.

These courses must be selected by the student to achieve both a breadth of perspective across the various humanities and social sciences disciplines as well as a more in-depth experience in at least one area. To ensure that students have breadth in their core courses, students must select at least two courses (8 credit hours) from each of the Humanities and Social Sciences lists below (for a total of 24 credits). At least one course must be taken at an advanced level (above 1000). No more than three 1000 level HASS courses may be applied toward the HASS core requirement. No more than six credits may be taken as Pass/No Credit and at least one course must be at the 4000 level.