Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences

Rensselaer's Games and Simulations Arts and Sciences (GSAS) degree provides an undergraduate experience like few others available anywhere in the country.

Yesterday, games used to mean playtime. Not anymore.

Game Design Studies: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Today, interactive technology helps shape how young people learn, drives national defense strategies via computer simulations, assists training efforts in physical fitness, biomedicine, and anti-terrorism to name just a few of the practical applications of games and simulation arts. Rensselaer's undergraduate degree program prepares students to capitalize on-and successfully navigate-the explosive growth in the continually-evolving games phenomenon.

Rensselaer's GSAS program helps you acquire a comprehensive understanding of interactive digital media, a balance of disciplinary competencies, and the mastery of a self-defined set of inter-related disciplinary challenges. As a student, you will gain an understanding of games from the broadest range of possible perspectives and play an active role in research and education in disciplines ranging from the visual and aural aspects of new media in the electronic arts, cognition and artificial intelligence in cognitive science, digital graphics and software development in computer science, experimental game design in psychology, human computer interaction and computer graphics in communication and the arts.

At Rensselaer, your education will equip you with the design, technical, communication, and leadership skills needed to enter this exciting field and make an instant impact. Rensselaer's approach to games studies combines theory and practice, along with a strong emphasis on collaborative, interdisciplinary teamwork.

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