GameFest 2012- Symposium and Exhibition

Rensselaer's School of Humanities and Social Sciences celebrated the addition of the Game Studies Minor by hosting a GameFest Symposium and Exhibition in 2004. Now an annual event, the symposium showcases computer games designed by dozens of student teams, 20 of whom have been selected to compete for this years awards. The event introduces students to philosophers, computer scientists, artists and cognitive scientists who are conducting research in game design, development and production, providing the potential for interdisciplinary junctures and co-operation between the arts and cultural studies, social sciences, computer sciences, engineering and emerging technical research in information technology.

2012 Game Festival

Student games will be exhibited and prizes will be awarded by a panel of judges from Vicarious Visions.  We encourage students from Rensselaer and beyond to participate in this student competition.  Games & Simulation faculty will select the games for exhibition from among those submitted and cash prizes will be awarded to the top five teams.


Schedule for 4/28

10:00AM-1:00PM   Exposition   Armory
2:30PM-3:30PM   Symposium Key Note Speaker
Richard Vogel, Exec. Producer, Star Wars: The Old Republic
  BioTech Auditorium
3:30PM-4:30PM   Symposium Panel:
Frank Lantz, Zynga New York
Jennifer O'Neal, Vicarious Visions/Activision
Richard Rouse, Paranoid Productions/UbiSoft
Tobi Saulnier, 1st Playable
Richard Vogel, Bioware/Electronic Arts
  BioTech Auditorium
4:30PM-5:30PM   Student Game Awards   BioTech Atrium