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John Gowdy


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  • Ph.D.,M.A., West Virginia University
  • M.C.P., University of Rhode Island
  • B.A., American University

John M. Gowdy is Professor of Economics and Professor of Science and Technology Studies at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. He is the recipient of the Herman Daly Award for contributions to ecological economics.

“Throughout my career I have been interested in the relationship between economic systems, social institutions and the natural world. My current research, in collaboration with evolutionary biologists, focuses on the evolution of economic systems. I feel fortunate to be an economist in this period of rapid change in the field. After several decades of intellectual stagnation economics is opening up to new ideas from the behavioral sciences, biology, and systems theory. This awakening holds the promise to make economics once again relevant to the daunting challenges confronting our species.” 

Gowdy is the author of over 170 published articles and 10 books. His most recent book is Microeconomic Theory Old and New: A Students Guide. Other recent published work includes the book Economic Theory Old and New: A Students Guide, Paradise for Sale: A Parable of Nature, with Carl McDaniel, "Global Warming Economics in the Long Run" in Land Economics, "A Group Selection Perspective on Economic Behavior, Institutions and Organizations" in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, and "Behavioral Economics and Climate Change Policy" in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Gowdy has served as president of the U.S. Society for Ecological Economics and President of the International Society for Ecological Economics. He is the recipient of the Herman Daly Award for contributions to ecological economics. He has been a Fulbright scholar at the Economic University of Vienna, Leverhulme Professor at Leeds University and a visiting scholar at the Autonomous University Barcelona, the University of Zurich, the Free University of Amsterdam, the University of Queensland and Tokushima University Japan.




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