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Michael Lynch


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  • Ph.D. Communication Science, University of Connecticut, 2004

I have been a member of the Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences (GSAS) program in HASS since its inception. Within that, I am primarily interested in Interactive Storytelling, music and sound design.

My most recent research interests concern adapting Sun’s Clarion cognitive architecture for the purpose of constructing an Interactive Musical Agent.  Such an agent would ultimately participate in the performance of live, improvisational music in the tradition of “free improvisation,” as practiced by composers/performers like Pauline Oliveros and Jonas Braasch.  This agent listens to the actual audio signals, perform computational auditory scene analysis (CASA) on it, and produce new musical expressions based on what is being heard and from recall of past musical events, all in real time. 

My continuing research interests revolve around several topics in Interactive Storytelling (I-S), particularly new forms of Artificial Intelligence (again, based on Clarion) that can provide for more human-realistic Non-Player Characters (NPCs).


Contact info:
Office number: SAGE4709
Phone number: 518.276.3243
Fax number: 518.276.4092
Email Address: lynchm2@rpi.edu

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