Barbara Lewis

Barbara Lewis


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Director, Center for Communication Practices •  Lecturer, Dept. of Communication & Media

  • Ph.D. in Communication & Rhetoric, R.P.I.

Barbara has directed the Center for Communication Practices, RPI’s writing and speaking center, since 2006.  She also serves as the co-coordinator of the Communication Intensive program requirement and helps to organize the McKinney Writing Contest and Reading each spring.  She teaches such writing courses as: Research Writing, Writing for Promotion & Marketing, Rhetoric & Writing, and Writing & Response.  Barbara is an RPI grad (’99), and once worked as a consultant in the writing center; after graduating, she directed the Writing Center at Siena College before returning to her alma mater.

My research interests include contemporary composition theory, approaches to teaching writing in specific academic disciplines, and writing center theory and pedagogy,” Barbara says. “Currently I am exploring best practices for responding to multimodal projects in our Centers, and I’m collaborating on a book chapter about pedagogical approaches to Information Literacy that recognize it as an important element of disciplinary discourse.

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Office number: Folsom Library154B
Phone number: 518.276.3344
Fax number: 518.276.4092
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