Piano Waves

Piano Waves

EMPAC Concert Hall

April 17, 2019 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Rensselaer Piano Showcase features students in the studios of Professors Julia den Boer, Akina Yura, and Jingwen Tu, along with student pianists in the Chamber Music Ensembles course, under the diirecton of Professors Nicholas de Maison and Michael Century.  


J.S. Bach Concerto for Four Keyboards           

            Piano 1:  Angela Lopez 

            Piano 2:  Jerry Huang 

            Piano 3: Eileen Yao

            Piano 4: Aining Fan

            With the Rensselaer Orchestra, conducted by Nicholas DeMaison 


 Bartok Mikrokosmos for piano duo                             

1. Bulgarian rhythm: Allegro molto

3. Perpetuum mobile: Allegro molto

                        James Cassidy and Jingwen Tu 

4. Canon and its inversion: Allegro

5. Hungarian folksong: Ben ritmato

                        She'ifa Punla-Green and Julia Den Boer

2. Chord and trill study: Moderato

            Angela Lopez and Akina Yura 

7. Ostinato: Vivacissimo

                        Xuxin Wang and Akina Yura


 Matthew Wang   Daydream for piano duo

            Matthew Wang and Michael Century 


Meredith Monk Three Pieces For Two Pianos           

            Ellis Island                 Araben Tablizio and Jess Hoffman

            Folk Dance                 Araben Tablizio and Andrew Chafy

            Phantom Waltz           Araben Tablizio and Victor Nazzaro


Ricardo Tovar Mateus and Matthew Goodheart Duo New Work


Julius Eastman  Gay Guerrilla 

           Jerry Huang

           Axel Stewart

           Ricardo Tovar Mateus

           Michael Century


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