I had started out as an Art/Painting major at another school.  During my freshman year I got a job in graphic design, and I knew that's what I wanted to do...
Melissa Mykal Batalin '06
EMAC gave me a breadth of study which became invaluable to me in my current job at DreamWorks Animation...
Eli Bocek-Rivele '06
The EMAC program taught me some of the necessary software to succeed in the field, along with many new ways of visualizing things and creating new ideas...
Christina Ciani '10
Certain courses taught me to look at everything from different perspectives, and that ... a situation may call for a non-traditional approach...
Kirk Duwel '03
I had the opportunity to work with feature animation right through graduation...
Adam Gaige '07
EMAC gave me an understanding of concepts and theories that I use every day in my career...
Josh Goldenberg '10
The diversity of classes I took while attending RPI as an EMAC student allowed me to discover my ideal career path...
Chris LaPointe '10
The EMAC program definitely prepared me for graduate school because it gave me an excellent foundation for a graphic design career...
Steve Lucin '08
It is unique that we receive a B.S. rather than a B.A. I think this opens a lot more opportunities...
Kimberly Gomboz '09
Being an EMAC major gave me the communication background needed for my job...
Emelie Hegarty '09

STS professor and addiction researcher offers views on treatment to website WalletHub 

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Rebecca Rouse

This is a representative list of faculty teaching EMAC core courses. For a comprehensive list, please see the specific departmental websites at www.arts.rpi.edu/ and www.cm.rpi.edu/ .

Rebecca Rouse

Assistant Professor

Photo of Rebecca RousePhoto of Rebecca Rouse

Assistant Professor, Department of Communication + Media

  • B.A., Theatre Studies and German Studies, Brown University, Providence RI.
  • M.A., Communication & Culture, York University and Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada.
  • Ph.D., Digital Media, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA.

Rebecca Rouse is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication & Media at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Rouse is a digital media scholar-practitioner with a background in media studies and performance. Rouse is a core faculty member in the Emergent Reality Lab (ERL and in the Intelligent, Immersive Learning Environments (IILE) research group, which is affiliated with the Center for Cognition, Communication, and Culture (CCC).

A passion for investigating the boundaries between media and performance has been the driving force behind Rouse’s work for the past decade. She produces theoretical work as well as artistic and utilitarian applications that cross the boundaries between computation, performance, and expressive media. Among other projects, she has cast a robot performer in a production of Machinal, created an entirely augmented reality version of Woyzeck, and worked with the Microsoft Kinect to create a responsive gesture-based projection system for after the quake.

Rouse’s research focuses on the dramaturgy of digital technology in performance, media in museums and at cultural heritage sites, and augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality experience design. Visit www.rebeccarouse.com for more information on teaching, research and publications.


Contact info:
Office number: SA4208
Phone number: 518 276.3858
Fax number: 518 276-2235
Email Address: rouser@rpi.edu