I had started out as an Art/Painting major at another school.  During my freshman year I got a job in graphic design, and I knew that's what I wanted to do...
Melissa Mykal Batalin '06
EMAC gave me a breadth of study which became invaluable to me in my current job at DreamWorks Animation...
Eli Bocek-Rivele '06
The EMAC program taught me some of the necessary software to succeed in the field, along with many new ways of visualizing things and creating new ideas...
Christina Ciani '10
Certain courses taught me to look at everything from different perspectives, and that ... a situation may call for a non-traditional approach...
Kirk Duwel '03
I had the opportunity to work with feature animation right through graduation...
Adam Gaige '07
EMAC gave me an understanding of concepts and theories that I use every day in my career...
Josh Goldenberg '10
The diversity of classes I took while attending RPI as an EMAC student allowed me to discover my ideal career path...
Chris LaPointe '10
The EMAC program definitely prepared me for graduate school because it gave me an excellent foundation for a graphic design career...
Steve Lucin '08
It is unique that we receive a B.S. rather than a B.A. I think this opens a lot more opportunities...
Kimberly Gomboz '09
Being an EMAC major gave me the communication background needed for my job...
Emelie Hegarty '09
News Icon for RPI Celebrates Launch of New Music Degree with the Rensselaer Orchestra at Carnegie Hall

Rensselaer celebrated the launch of a new Bachelor of Science degree program with a debut performance by the Rensselaer Orchestra.

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EMAC Facilities List

EMAC students have access to industry grade studios for both class assignments and individual projects.  These spaces allow students to explore their creativity without being limited by technology.  Our studios include audio, video, animation, game programming and design spaces.  Students have 24x7 access to most of these facilities during the academic year.  We also have a fully stocked equipment room that lends portable equipment to students.

EMAC students also have access to Rensselaer's extensive computing network, including public access laboratories and wired student residence halls. Our innovative student laptop program provides computer-based learning in many classrooms. The 500,000-volume Folsom Library also provides electronic access to thousands of publications.

Advanced Computer Music Production Studio
This single workstation studio is an advanced digital audio and video post-production system focused primarily on multi track audio via Pro-Tools. Graduates and advanced level users have the ability to post produce multi track audio and video including 5.1 surround sound tracks. This studio is open to graduate level users, visiting artists and advanced select undergraduate students.
Digital Imaging & Graphics Studio
This facility is set up to support high performance scanning, printing, drafting, and some video editing via 11 Macintosh workstations for undergraduate courses, special lectures, and other special events.

Equipment Room
Sage -1112

The Equipment Room provides check-out equipment for a variety of HASS courses.
Games Lab

Games Lab
Sage Labs -2510

This laptop class room was specifically designed to support the GSAS program.
Games Project Space

Games Project Space
Sage Labs -2502

This space provides students in the GSAS program with access to computers for individual project work.
iEAR Black Box Studio Suite
The "black box studio suite" is a three-room system designed to accommodate live audio and video recordings, small concerts, lectures, and other special events. DCC 174 is the large black box space, which allows for the staging of performances and installations.
Intermediate Computer Music Laboratory
This is an undergraduate electronic music classroom used for the teaching and production of electronic computer music and other special audio and interactive art topics courses. The workstations consist of Apple Mac Pro Towers with Pro Tools Mbox Pro Interfaces. A full suite of software consist of LIVE 9 Suite, MAX/MSP, Reason 6, Pro Tools 11, Audacity and other programs.
Intermediate Video Laboratory
This place is a 6 workstation non-linear video post production studio with DVD authoring capabilities that supports courses in both Intermediate and Advanced Video as well as some topics courses.
This suite contains the Epson Pro 9900 large format archival printer operated by a graphics designer and print production coordinator.
Multi Media Studio

Multi Media Studio
West Hall -118

The Multi Media studio is ready to support a variety of multi channel sound field projects and courses. This studio is a black “space” environment. A pipe grid allows for the rigging of sound speakers, projection systems, lighting and other audio video equipment. This studio includes high speed network connectivity with multiple network connections. An LCD Projection system is installed and ready for use from either a laptop or the room’s main desktop computer.
VAST Studio

VAST Studio
Sage Labs -2411

VAST (Visualization, Animation, Simulation Technology) Studio is an advanced digital imaging and animation lab, consisting of 20 animation and game development workstations equipped with dual monitors.