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Rensselaer celebrated the launch of a new Bachelor of Science degree program with a debut performance by the Rensselaer Orchestra.

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Concentration Requirements




EMAC Core (24 credits)


All students take the following required courses:

  Introduction to Communication Theory (COMM-1510) 4 Credits
  Introduction to Visual Communication (COMM-2610) 4 Credits


Students select 2 of the courses listed below, per specific concentration:

All students are strongly encouraged to take the additional course in their humanities core or free electives.

  Media Studio: Imaging (ARTS-1020) 4 Credits
  Digital Filmmaking (ARTS-1030) 4 Credits
  Music and Sound (ARTS-1010) 4 Credits


Students take the following course:

  Art History/Theory (Course varies according to concentration.) 4 Credits


Students select 1 of the writing courses listed below:

  Rhetoric and Writing (WRIT-2110) 4 Credits
  Writing for Promotion and Marketing (WRIT-4170) 4 Credits
  Proposing and Persuading (WRIT-4550) 4 Credits
  Writing for Classroom and Career (WRIT-1110) 4 Credits


Concentration (36 credits)


Intermediate Courses   (16 credits)

Each concentration includes four intermediate courses that are related to the advanced courses in the concentration (and fulfill prerequisites for the advanced courses.)  Students will select four intermediate prerequisite courses (16 credits) from a list of courses specific to each concentration. Students must take at least one course from Arts and at least one course from C&M.


Advanced Courses    (12 credits)

Each concentration includes three advanced courses (12 credits) at the 4000-level. There should be sufficient depth in each concentration to create a list of at least six advanced courses from which students may select three courses.  At least one course from the list must be from the other department (Arts or C&M).


Required Thesis Sequence    (8 credits)

All EMAC majors take two semesters of Senior Creative Seminar (this seminar will also include EARTS majors). The first seminar is offered in the fall; the second one in the spring. The first seminar is a prerequisite for the second one.


Thesis Requirement
Guidelines for Thesis Abstracts
Documentation of EMAC Thesis Form