Contact Information

Office of the Dean - 518-276-6575
HASS Student Services - 518-276-2576

Mailing Address:
School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
Sage Labs 5304
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
110 8th Street
Troy, NY 12180

Information on how to get to the Rensselaer campus can be found on the Travel Information page.

To submit an exhibit proposal for the West Hall Gallery, download the PDF here.

Dean of the School Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies
Mary Simoni
P: 518-276-6575
Brett Fajen
P: 518-276-8266
Curtis Bahn
P: 518-276-6065



Anne Borrero
Administrative SpecialistOffice: SA 3502
P: 518-276-6413
F: 518-276-2235
Dean Button
Manager, Research Administration and Program DevelopmentOffice: SA 5210
P: 518-276-6928
F: 518-276-4871
Josh Cherry
Senior Systems AdministratorOffice: SA 2406
P: 518-276-8366
F: 518-276-2235
Beth Dennis
Administrative CoordinatorOffice: WH 107
P: 518-276-4778
F: 518-276-4370
Abraham (Abe) Ferraro
Shop SupervisorOffice: SA 1107
P: 518-276-2898
Jackie Grady
A/V TechnicianOffice: WEST G12
P: 518-276-4775
F: 518-276-4370
Cheryl Keefe
Business AdministratorOffice: SA 4506
P: 518-276-6525
F: 518-276-3847
Carmela Miano Price
Business AdministratorOffice: SA 4502
P: 518-276-2208
F: 518-276-3847
Paula Monahan
Administrative CoordinatorOffice: CARNEGIE 312
P: 518-276-6472
F: 518-276-8268
Jennifer Mumby
Senior Student Services AdministratorOffice: SA 4305
P: 518-276-4784
Kim Osburn
Manager, Operations & Administrative ServicesOffice: SA 5304
P: 518-276-6576
F: 518-276-4871
Greg Palmer
Media EngineerOffice: SA 2406
P: 518-256-7925
F: 518-276-2235
Judi Reeves
Administrative SpecialistOffice: Sage Labs 5304
P: 518-276-6390
Michelle Riley
Senior Student Services AdministratorOffice: SA 4303
P: 518-276-6473
Michael Rosado
Digital Fabrication Shop SupervisorOffice: SA 2201
P: 518-276-6652
Duane Smith
Graphic Design and Large-format PrintingOffice: Sage Labs 2410
P: 518-276-6865
Kate Tomlin
Senior Student Services AdministratorOffice: SA 4301
P: 518-276-8345
Caitlin Watts
Manager, HASS Business OfficeOffice: Sage Labs 4410
P: 518.276.2309
F: 518-276-3847
Brian Woods
Manager, HASS Student ServicesOffice: SAGE 4307
P: 518-276-2576

Light Sculptures by Arts Professor Emeritus Larry Kagan. For more Larry Kagan Light Sculptures, visit his web site.