GSAS Concentration in HCI/Communication

Concentration Courses

  • COMM-1510 Intro to Communication Theory
  • COMM-2610 Intro to Visual Communication
  • COMM-4420 Foundations of HCI Usability
  • COMM-4470 Information Design
  • COMM-4690 Interface Design: Hypermedia Theory and Application
  • COMM-4710 Communication Design for the WWW
  • COMM-4180 Studio Design in Human Computer Interaction
  • One of:
    • COMM-4770 User-Centered Design
    • COMM-4520 Information Architecture
  • PSYC-2220 Human Factors in Design

Math/Science Requirements

  • CSCI-1100 Computer Science I
  • BIOL-1010 Introduction to Biology
  • PHYS-1050 General Physics
  • MATH-1500 Calculus for ARCH/MGMT/HASS
  • Science Elective
  • Math Elective

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